Motivation Monday- “Just do it.”

Today is Monday.

Today is also my first day trying to run. Which is now my first day to post.

Today started with me waking up at 9:30am (about 2.5 hours later than I originally hoped to wake up) seriously thinking about not going out this morning for a walk/jog. I know spending time contemplating a morning activity usually ends up with me going back to bed. But today was different.

Today I actually pulled myself out of bed and threw on a pair of shorts, a couple of sports bras, a dry fit tank top and a pair of walking/running shoes (which have been sitting in my closet for about a month without ever seeing daylight…still fresh in the box). If you would have asked me last night if I had any intentions of waking up ‘early’ to try and run, I would have laughed you into embarrassment. Especially since I spent time at Yosemite National Park walking and hiking about 5 hours straight. I thought I would wake up sore, achy and expecting to stay in a reclined position all day…

But today, something was different. I have slowly started to accept that everything has to start somewhere, slowly, and one day at a time, especially when it comes to fitness. I have always talked myself out of exercise and into a double cheeseburger. When I did exercise it never lasted for ever. But for the last 6 months, that has changed as I have taken everything one step and one day at a time. I have realized that Nike has had it right from the beginning. “Just do it.” No excuses, just get up and do it.

Today I went for a walk, which turned into a jog, which soon turned into a walk/jog.

Today there were no excuses, no hesitations.

Today I woke up and decided to “Just do it.”


One response to “Motivation Monday- “Just do it.”

  1. The first step is always the hardest… But if there’s chocolate waiting, I can see why you finally went for it! Just keep “doing it” it gets easier each time 🙂 I know how hard it is to start a fitness regimen so kudos to you for a great start!

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