Girl in need of advice for the “girls” from other Girls

To anyone who reads this, preferably a woman, I could really use your help.

Size DD and below need not answer…unless you know someone who is in my situation and has a successful sports bra.

Here is my dilemma…I am fortunately, yet unfortunately, an extremely full sized woman and need a good sports bra to help me when jogging and doing most other exercises.

Candy Bra

I feel as though I might as well be wearing one of these.

Sports bras from Target fit for now but are not very supportive. I cannot necessarily go a size smaller because I already have an issue putting the xxl over my two friends.

I have been told to try Nike high impact sports bras…but are they really fitted for DD+ girls?

I have also been told to just look for high impact sports bras in the first place but I do not know the first place to start.

I don’t mind purchasing online and i don’t mind purchasing in store…I just want to buy from a credible manufacturer.

Oh, I also would like something that does not make “uni-boob” shape.

Am I asking too much or being too picky?

Any suggestions?



4 responses to “Girl in need of advice for the “girls” from other Girls

  1. I actually just wrote about sports bras. Ha. Unfortunately I can’t really help you because I’m only a B cup. But I will say this, and maybe you already know this, but I prefer sports bras that have the clasps in back. I find they give the best support.

    I think, though, that because of your cup size you’ll probably get the “uni-boob” look regardless of the sports bra – if you want the best support possible, I mean. And, really, so what if you get the “uni-boob”? When I run, the last thing on my mind is what my breasts look like. As long as they’re not bouncing around all over the place, I’m all good. 🙂

    • You have a point. The “uni-boob” really shouldn’t matter and is something I will have to just accept due to their size. Although when they are flying and bouncing everywhere having them on two separate sides will be better than all of that weight and force at once.
      I do have a sports bra that has a clasp like a regular bra…but it doesn’t give much support. I currently ‘triple up’ in a way… Sports bra with clasp and cups, Target Champion sports bra, and the built in bra of a compression tank. But still flop around a little bit.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I may not be a DD, but I’m 5’2″, super petite, and a 34D. My favorite bra is the extra support bra from Lululemon. Either that or I buy their tops in a size too small to squish the girls in. They’re the only thing I can wear. Good luck!

    • Oh how I would love something from Lululemon. But nothing is in my *current* size…and I am also slightly cheap…but mostly because nothing is in my current size.

      I will one day purchase something as a gift to myself though 😀

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