Tech/Gear Tuesday

iPods, Fuelbands and apps…Oh my!

After years of buying useless crud (at least what was useless in my mind) that claimed would put me on the path to better health, I think I have finally found my staple products to actually help me. Although I am always open to suggestions

I currently use in no particular order:

iPod for musical motivation

myfittness pal (app) you can find me with username 1j98h5

Nike+ for iPod AND Android(app) you can find me with username 19jrh85

Nike Fuelband you can find me with username 19jrh85 (app) I enjoy the motivational and helpful post coming from this community.

Gymboss clip on interval trainer also available for download on iPod

I don’t know if doing reviews on my apps and gadgets is really needed, but I may do it if asked or just because I need something to write about :)!

But to anyone who comes across this post, don’t be fooled by the claims of every app or piece of fitness equipment/gadget. It is not worth wasting the memory on your phone or ipod.

Does anyone even remember how fitness functioned without this stuff?


One response to “Tech/Gear Tuesday

  1. for a while i was looking into the nike fuelband, but i wasn’t completely sold on it. i use runkeeper on my iphone, so i’m not sure that i need an extra gadget on me during a run. still…everytime i see it i let out a little *sigh* of longing 😉

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