4th of July motivation


You ever have one of those days where you start out with great intentions to workout or stay away from your favorite treat only to give in and have that treat or talk yourself out of exercise? Yeah, I just hit that wall. Planned on doing day 3 of C25K today after dinner (and I still might) but something inside of me is starting to talk me out of it. Not only that, I came to festivities prepared with cut pineapple, peaches and vegetables while I waited for everything to finish cooking. I think I ate through all of that within the first 2 hours. It doesn’t help I don’t way breakfast…but I have always become sick eating early in the day and don’t become hungry until lunch time anyway. But moving on, I started to get hungry and asked to split a bear claw with my mother who thankfully agreed. But I know I should have held out longer. Oh well. Pick myself up from here, make good choices at my meal and push myself to go for my walk/jog.


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