Work Out Wednesdays (WOW)

I have to keep myself entertained and on my toes or I become bored easily. I do believe this has been my greatest downfall with working out. So far I really enjoy doing HIIT. My favorite so far has been following the bodyrock  exercises. Whenever there is a 30 day challenge, I love to follow the routines. I have already learned so much and love so many of their workouts that I have often created my own routines…especially on days when I don’t want to do their suggested routine.

Usually, I try to do a routine every night (or every other night) or after a walk in the morning. Who can argue with 12 minute routines?

Yes, today is the 4th of July but that doesn’t mean I should set aside my workout. I also have to make sure I work off the wonderful dishes that are present at today’s festivities.

So here is my routine for today (pushing more than 12 minutes today):

:50 work /:10 rest – 3 rounds

1/2 burpee w/ deadlift

Touch downs

10 plank shoulder touches and 10 plank toe touches

Wood chop switch lunges

Squat w/ Clean and press (using homemade sandbag)

Left/Center/Right jumps with pushup

Sumo Squats

High Knees

They suggest writing down and keeping score of how many reps you are able to do for each exercise during each set. I however, do no such thing. I am just happy with the fact I am moving and exercising so I do not keep track or aim to beat scores.

What kind of workouts do you get into?

Have a great and healthy fourth! 


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