Tune a (Thurs)Day!

I have always enjoyed all forms of music. But have noticed there are certain genres I cannot have a successful workout with. Classical being the numero uno and jazz/r&b coming in a close second. I have friends from college who were able to workout with those genres of music and I have wondered how they do it.

My current playlist ranges from artists like Jason Mraz to Aerosmith to Run DMC. This week, I have found one song that really helps to pump me up and get me going.

Song: Imma Be

Artist: The Black Eyed Peas

Something about the beginning of this song just made me feel like one bad mamma jamma (what? Does anyone at the age of 26 even talk like that?). My pace was perfect with this song and it kept me going and definitely helped me in my final jog back to the house. It was…wonderful

Ha! Bad mamma jamma…


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