The river runs through… my mouth.




Finally was able to get out of the house this morning, feeling fine, healthy and cool. I took off at about 10:30am this morning on my usual route. Today’s walk/jog was set up so I would jog a minute and a half and walk for two minutes four times and then jog for a minute and walk for a minute and a half two times.

I was really happy and surprised with myself. I thought jogging for a minute and a half would be horrible and complete murder on my legs. But I did it and pushed through. There were plenty of times I wanted to stop a bit early but thankfully I didn’t. The only downside I am seeing with this app is that it doesn’t have you do anything for the remaining 4 days of the week like a lot of other programs. So me, being ambitious and bored decided to go ahead and ‘jump’ into week 2. Don’t know if that was a good idea or not though. Sadly at this rate I think I will be cutting down an 8 week program to about 4 or less.

Yes, I could just not be lazy and look up online what I should do in between…but that is not what I am going to do. 🙂

To make up for Thursday and Friday, I decided to go through my route one more time but walking only. Man, did it get hot! I think I may need to wake up even earlier. But, I did like doing the walk at the end. So much so that I will probably do it from now on.


Now, on to the title of the post.

Does anyone out there who runs/jogs regularly notice an extreme amount of saliva in their mouth?

I felt like this the whole time.

No amount of swallowing helped. I think spitting is gross…and I am horrible at it.

How do you deal with it if it happens to you?


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