(Self) Motivation Monday

I thought for this installment of Motivation Monday I would focus on what I have done so far. As well as what my S.O. has done so far. There were times when I thought I would never be in shape and would remain the ‘morbidly obese’ woman I once was.

Heck, there are times now when I have such bad days that I think I may revert back to the old me, or don’t see the point in going on, or don’t see any kind of progress.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but words really cannot describe how proud I am of the two of us, and how far we have come together with this journey to better health.

We began in February of this year and combined have lost approximately 125 pounds (wow, I just calculated it that now and am just shocked it was ever there to begin with). Hard work, dedication, keeping each other accountable and just getting up and doing something has helped us reach where we are now.  We still both have a long way to go but I am confident we will get there.

Today, I skipped the jog and we went browsing/ window shopping for clothes (for him) to see what his new clothing sizes were… and pictures were taken…but I don’t think he wants those out for the world to see. It is amazing how much smaller well fitting clothes can make a person look!

Before- circa 2009
After- June/July 2012


We are going for a hike.


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