C25k day 6 + tech fail

I went out for another training day today…but not at my usual time.

This morning I had a job interview and originally planned on not jogging today. This decision was ‘set in stone’ when it became 91 degrees at 9:00am this morning (my usual jog time) as we were supposed to reach around 103 today which usually leads to a late night of free sauna services.

At around 7:30pm  I stepped outside to feed my incredibly loving stray outdoor cat whom I have yet to name (and if I get a job/move will be coming with me).

Miss Kitty No Name

While feeding her, I noticed it wasn’t really as warm as I thought it would be and there was a nice breeze coming through. So I decided to hurry myself upstairs and change into a pair of shorts, sports bra, sports bra, sports bra, workout tee and running shoes to scoot on out the door. Since it was getting late outside I thought it would be best to stick to the neighborhood instead of my usual route.

Walk out door-Check

Turn on iPod-Check

Turn on C25k app-Check

Turn on Nike+ running app- Check

…all was great. I was at about 5 out of 6 jogs into the training routing (with about 15 minute remaining in the workout).

I was feeling good

No, Great…

…all was well…

Then I got a phone call and THE FREAKING APP STOPPED AND FAILED!! 

I picked up my phone to check my time and speed and had a white screen with a ” low GPS signal” message and a “Force close” message while it was still ‘running’. I thought that maybe…just maybe… it was being a pain in the butt and would work itself out.



I had to calculate the route myself and figured it to be about 2 miles. I have no idea what my pace was, I have no idea if it was better than my last run…no info whatsoever. Thank goodness I was smart enough to check what my starting calorie count was at on my fuel band (806) so I could subtract and figure it out. So I have to wait for tomorrow to train again and see what happens.


All in all, the jog itself didn’t suck…just the inability to keep track of it bummed me out.



4 responses to “C25k day 6 + tech fail

  1. If that ever happens again, try using MapMyRun.com. I highlight my route on the map, and it calculates the distance and average pace. I would much prefer a watch or something, but it works for now!

    • I have thought about it. If it didn’t possibly drain battery I would go for running both apps. When I used the map my ride app, I ended the hour ride with practically no battery life. I still may try it out and alternate between them. Thanks for the tip 😀

      • Ahh okay. I use the actual website once I get back from a run because I have a dumb phone, and my iPod doesn’t have app capability. At least it doesn’t drain battery? Haha.

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