C25k day 7-9


I fell behind in the updates didn’t I? Well, have no fear…I am back with days 7-9

Let us jump right in.


I completed day 7 and day 8 of the C25k program Monday and Tuesday of this week. Monday on my own and Tuesday with my S.O. who wanted to give it a try. I noticed when I run with someone I seem to work harder and/or get tired faster. The jog was still a nice jog regardless of my ability…but man, keeping up with someone who claims to NEVER run was quite a toughie.



On a side note, the S.O. has decided to get a similar app for himself and has started to do this on his own and when I am not in the area. Happy to see him take the steps himself and who knows maybe we will be one of those jogging couples. ^_^

Wednesday I had an interview and went out for a post interview lunch with my dad (who drove up with me to scope out the area just in case I had to move) and we went out for Sushi. Bad Idea! While I love sushi (and this sushi was quite tasty), I have not had sushi for a long time and was completely full soon after starting. See, in the past, my family, S.O. and myself could easily order 3-4 rolls just for ourselves and enjoy every last bit. But since we ALL have changed out eating habits, it is interesting to see how little we eat now.

Old habits do die hard, and while my mind said I could handle it, my stomach said otherwise. I ordered two rolls right of the bat to start with…and so did my father. We both knew it was too much but were too proud and excited for the sushi to admit it. But boy oh boy did we struggle.

We had:

1 Spider roll

1 Mad fish special (think CA roll with unagi, tobiko, crab on top) roll

1 Crunchy Sweet Potato roll (CA roll with small slices of tempura sweet potato and a sweet sauce)

1 OMG Roll (Spicy Tuna, Tempura shrimp inside. Avocado, crab, lemon slice and sriracha on top)

Boy did we enjoy it struggle.

I didn’t get a chance to jog due to teaching a lesson afterwards and getting stuck in traffic on the way home. But I really felt guilty and wanted jog to possibly work off some of that meal plus my mini Togo’s sandwich and salad.

Today, I knew I needed to push myself to not only go outside but to just make it through. Thankfully I made it out of bed and out the door.


Morning taken with Nike+ android app and afternoon taken with iPod running app for a review coming up.

From the morning only, didn’t take a picture fore this afternoon

I feel good about the morning jog…but I feel GREAT about the afternoon jog. I feel I was able to hold out for longer than I was this morning. I was supposed to be jogging for 3 minutes and this morning it felt like an hour…but this afternoon I was shocked how fast it went by.

I know my legs are going to hate me in the morning.

But right now I do not care.


And as I bring this post to a close, I have just made plans with the S.O. to jog tomorrow…all his idea.

Now my legs really hate me!



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