To hold you over

It feels like it has been so long since I have posted anything. Whether just a blurb about my jog or a post of substance!


I have so much planned and will be writing/posting more this week. I have 3 tech/gear reviews for the next 3 weeks that will be posted, a couple of songs for motivation and some other posts that I am working on so keep checking back.

But for today, I have a video…of my cat. This should hold until I can post about my run later tonight and keep on going from there 🙂

I came downstairs after taking a “post run shower” and found my cat having a grand time with my running socks from today.

My cat is not like normal cats…she doesn’t respond to catnip or any other cat toys at all. She likes to play with caps to spray or water bottles instead of jingle balls or stuffed mice. She likes to roll around in worn socks, floors cleaned with bleach or gym clothes freshly stripped off the body instead of catnip.

So, enjoy the video!

I hope to post again tonight with info and updates on my last 3 runs.

Yup, special cat.


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