A 10 year ‘fast forward’

Another day, another Living/Fitness blogging challenge post!

Day 3

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

 I am currently a 26 year old out of shape (but getting back in to shape) ‘single’, out of work, musician and teacher still living at home.

So in 10 years I hope all of that has changed…and for the better.

So my future stats would be:


In shape and only getting stronger/maintaining

single’/single/married/whatever as long as I am happy

Teaching a successful junior high or high school music program

Still being an active musician

Easily paying for my own home…not apartment…home

Now, I have left a something out that a lot of women usually dream of…children. I have left this out for a reason. Right now in my life I can strongly say I do not want to have kids. This may change in 10 years…I really do not know. But for right now I don’t see them biologically in my future. And before I get other people launching themselves at me like “How can you not want children?” or “You HAVE to have children!” or “At least one right?” or even taking offense (it sounds ridiculous but friends have gotten upset when I tell them I don’t want children)…I am sorry to have offended you because I don’t want to have children. I don’t have to have at least one and I don’t HAVE to have children. Our lives can only be directed by ourselves…I choose to focus on myself and my career before I make any kind of choice about children and that may mean never having children.

Sorry, the above ended up as a mini rant. You have no idea the slack I get from friends with kids, friends currently without kids but wanting kids, friends who are expecting, and the siblings of my S.O.

End rant…

If I can sum up where I want to be in 10 years with one word I would say



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