A two year reflection

Day 4
How much have I changed in two years?

Again, I am sitting waiting for curtain to rise so this will be slightly short and sporadic.

Two years ago I was in over my head and I didn’t even realize it! I was just into my second month of my teaching credential and things had not even begun to get as stressful as the next 3 months did.

I had started to do morning walks with my dad before I had to head off for my student teaching placement at a high school about an hour from my house. At some point in my student teaching I came down with horrible debilitating headaches on one side of my head that went from my upper right jaw, into my right sinuses, behind my right eye, and to my right temple. It was horrible. All I could do is cry. My Dr. had no clue what was wrong, he first diagnosed me with sinusitis and gave me antibiotics…yeah, no. Then he gave me some other drugs which didn’t help much and I was up to taking about 600-800mg of IBU or Tylenol every 3 hours… Yeah…you read that right! My mom was terrified. WebMD and I concluded it was Cluster headaches since I had every single symptom minus male organs.
During this time I can say I was a total wbitch. Think of a cranky old and in pain dog not wanting to be bothered and that was me every single day.
Nurse mom was getting even more terrified after I had reached month 9 with no relief.

This unfortunately ended my walking because I was in so much pain.

One day after complaining of tooth and jaw pain mom decided I should see a dentist to rule everything out. What did we discover? All this time I was in need of a root canal and apparently because my sinuses are low placed the pain from the tooth radiated everywhere else! Needless to say I got a root canal the day of diagnosis and have been pain free ever since!

So really two years ago I changed more in an educational way instead of a physical way.

Did I even really answer the prompt?

Oh well, curtain is going up!


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