Blogging challenge

While waiting for another performance of Legally Blonde to start, I came across this Fitness Blogger challenge and decided to give it a try. I need more reasons to post blogs, and figure this may give me an extra boost with my posts.

Since I am a day (well now two days since it is 12am) behind I am combining the first two days into this post.
So, lets get started.


Day 1

Your 5 favorite workout songs and why?

Ok, I am going to have to cheat a little… I really don’t have a reason as to WHY I like these songs. At the moment these are my favorite songs to workout with and since I haven’t really been into fitness all that long I just go with what I like and what gives me that extra kick to jog a little harder. So this is just a list of my current favorites. 🙂

1. Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas

2. Make Some Noise by The Beastie Boys

3. Eh Hee by Dave Mathews Band

4. Take it to the Hole by LMFAO (feat Busta Rhymes)

5. Saturday Night by Ozomatli

Day 2

Do you workout in the morning or at night? Why?

At the moment, I am working out in the morning…as much as it kills me to do so. I live in a very VERY hot little country town. Like the devil’s undercarriage hot!

Before I began jogging I would do the Bodyrock exercises just about every night at about 9pm in the garage. Since this was around Spring it wasn’t always warm. But now that it is Summer, it is constantly hot!

I usually wake up around 9am (yeah, I am a recent -and jobless- college grad so I can do that) and try to sleepily get my day started. But since I want to get a jog in I am having to wake up any time between 6am and 8:30am to get dressed and out the door in time to get a jog in. The exact time really depends on how hot it is supposed to be that day. If it is projected to be in the 100’s then by the time I get up at my usual time it is pushing 85 degrees, meaning by the time I get to where I jog it is almost 90!

But overall I am working out in the morning and then if it happens to be cooler in the evening I will either go for another short jog around my neighborhood OR I will do a bodyrock exercise in the garage…but ONLY if it is cooler!


I am hoping I can keep it up all month! I am still currently in the middle of a musical so my schedule is funky but I will try the best that I can. I may have to double up like I did with this post for other posts this month.

In other news, I have gotten up to 8 minutes of straight jogging now! Small victories!


I should really get to bed. Another jog in the morning and a show in the afternoon.


2 responses to “Blogging challenge

    • I have a music education degree so looking to get into teaching at a junior high or high school. But if I can’t in a couple more years then it will be back to school for either nursing or vet school.

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