I put the ‘R’ in R.I.C.E.

As I sit and wait for the curtain to rise for tonight’s performance…


I had to take a forced rest day today. I didn’t injure myself nor was I sick.

It boils down to about 2 reasons…
1. I went to bed at 4am and still couldn’t sleep and got up at about 8am exhausted mentally and physically.
2. I have a lot of stiff achy muscles in my hips and thighs (I blame it on the 8 minutes of running I am now into after 6 minutes on Monday)

It was really a hard decision to make. I wanted to go out and tackle the jog today but I was more mentally than physically drained. I came in the night before after restarting this weekends run of Legally Blonde the Musical. I could feel my legs getting anxious and bored…they just wouldn’t keep still. It wasn’t until I told my father of my dilemma that he convinced me to rest today.

Because I am trying to prepare for this 9k next month, I scheduled full effort jog Monday through Friday, a light jog plus a 12 minute bodyrock exercise on Saturday (also on Friday if up to it) and then no jog and a possible another 12 minute bodyrock exercise.

I still plan on an extremely light Sunday…possibly nothing but rest. But, tomorrow it looks as though I will have to switch out what was supposed to be done today.

Ok, show time!!


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