My food addiction: then and now…

Day 5

5 foods you can’t live without.

I admit…without shame… I have always been addicted to food. Food is a comfort, food is a joy, food is just …awesome. Over the last 7 months I have left behind the old unhealthy and out of shape me and traded her in for the new health conscious me.

But seriously, old habits die hard.

There are so many foods that I used to have that I crave and want endless accessibility. But I know it is bad for me. The inner unhealthy me still cries out for some of these favorable foods but rarely gets any. Only every once in a while will I allow myself to have it just to keep me sane.

So, this post will have not 5 but 10 of my favorite foods I can’t live without. 5 for the old me and 5 for the new me.

Old list

1. Sushi/Mexican/Italian

yes I lumped those all into one. As much as I hate to admit this, whenever dinner was not planned out or all adults with an ability to cook became too tired, we would order a pizza or make a quick spaghetti or order from our favorite Taqueria and call it a night.. Sometimes just pack the car up and head to the nearest Sushi house and eat sushi all night.

2. Kit-Kat/ Twix

My favorite candy of all time. Whenever I had to play performances for musicals, the director would bring baskets and baskets of candy for us all to eat and I would always go overboard on those . Mmmm, break me off a piece of that…

3. Cheez-Its/Ritz Crackers

No explanation needed. Just super YUM!

4. Cheesecake


5. Soda

Mtn. Dew, Coke, Cherry Pepsi, Sprite, Faygo Red Pop, Root Beer

New List

1. Water

I drink approximately 2 liters of water a day. I drink mostly when I am hungry during the day and do not want to snack. So I would say if I didn’t have this I would probably die.

2. Phillipine brand dried mango

It hits the spot when I am craving something sweet but do not want something horrible for me

3. Noosa Yoghurt

If you haven’t tried Noosa yet…you need to get on that train now! I recommend Honey Noosa on its own and with fresh peaches or nectarines cut and mixed in. Mmmmmm.

4. Asparagus

Roasted asparagus is amazing and is a staple side dish in my house. Now if only it didn’t have that horrible other part.

5. *Any Brand* Frozen Halved chicken breasts and Tilapia

How did I ever eat a whole chicken breast? Ever since I tried the halved chicken breasts I realized I was full on such a small amount of protein. Now whenever I am out and am served full chicken breast I can never finish it.

For Tilapia, I am not a huge seafood person to start with, but Tilapia can take on whatever flavor I want. I am able to make a lighter crunchy fish stick with tilapia and it tasted just like buttery and super seasoned fried fish.

What are some of your 5 favorite foods?


One response to “My food addiction: then and now…

  1. Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves asparagus. I’ve been craving it, which I find a little … odd. And if you like roasted asparagus, try it grilled. Awesome.

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