Nothing more to do…

But to go to bed.

The c25k program has been completed and there are no more scheduleddays of “kill me now” training for a while.


The clothes are all laid out and ready to go, bag packed with my peanut butter to go (-_-), iPod holder, glasses for running, my hat…and more.

Water bottled filled

There is nothing more to do…

So why am I not asleep yet? Every time I have something to do that requires me to rest up, ( marching competitions, morning concerts, marathon performance schedules…teaching) I never get the rest I need.

10k on the bay is tomorrow at 8:30am and here I am typing a blog (on my belated graduation gift/ congrats on your fitness journey thus far iPad I received last night ^_^)

Jitters? Maybe.

Excited? Possibly.

Will I do it and survive? Well, that is the plan.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping before any big event?


3 responses to “Nothing more to do…

  1. I always have trouble sleeping before a race, even if it’s a distance I’ve done before. And good luck! I can’t wait to hear about it. =)

  2. I sometimes have trouble the night before something exciting! Lately I’ve been trying to unplug from electronics early in the evening. When I’m in bed and my brain won’t shut off I start skip counting down from like 200 by 3’s. It seriously works 😉

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