One for the books


My Sunday’s usually consist of me sleeping in and shuffling around the house, or around town, not doing a whole lot of anything.
Well, yesterday was not an ordinary Sunday.

5:50am- wake up and stare at the ceiling wondering what in the world am I doing up this early and what in the world am I about to get myself into?

6:00am- finally get out of bed and get dressed. Thank goodness my clothes and gear were already put out the night before.

6:15am- become a paranoid mess and keep double checking everything…causing me to lose precious driving time. At this time I tell my parents the address and start loading my things in the car.

6:30am- I get in the car with the intention of getting on the freeway and hauling butt to make it by the packet pickup/on-site registration.

6:31am- realize I have no gas in my car and curse under my breath as I back up and drive to the closest gas station…still cursing.

6:40am- finish pumping gas and haul…well…you know

7:30am- worried about parking so close and not being able to get out easily, I park about a little over 1/2 a mile from the pickup hoping to catch the shuttle but was too impatient to do so. Also realized it was awfully cold at 57 degrees and put on my lightweight wind breaker.

7:35am- figure I could use this time as my warm up and decide to briskly walk to the pick up and then wait. While walking, I noticed people walking and jogging back to their cars with envelopes and shirts in hand. I was sort of confused but kept going.

7:45am- arrive at pick up

7:50am- pick up bib, shirt, safety pins, and chip timer. Realize, I can’t run in this shirt and can’t change because there is nowhere to stash my clothes…or the jacket I was beginning to get hot in. So I now realize why everyone else was walking back to the parking lot so quickly. I begin to book it (walking) back to my car …which has now added an extra mile to this whole day.

8:00am- arrive at my car. Strip off my jacket, throw the shirt in the car, clumsily pin my bib to my chest, tie on the chip to my laces in some half baked fashion and head back to the event so fast I swear my thighs were holding on for dear life. …I have now added 1.5 extra miles AND used up some of my energy/endurance…yay.

8:10am- make it back to the event and what do you know…I now have to use the restroom. I find the porta potty line and stand in it.

8:15am- the line has barely moved and I remember the woman who signed me in told me bathrooms were also inside. So I get out of line and book it to the indoor bathrooms.

8:20am- find every woman in the world waiting in line and there is only 10 minutes left until the start of the 5k (my race). I think to myself there is no way I can stand in this line and make it in time to the start. So I figure I go out and do a 5k distance every morning and sometimes don’t get to use the bathroom so, this should be ok. Wrong. No, I didn’t pee my pants…keep reading.

8:25am- make it to the start area and position myself towards the back. A couple of minute later I hear the volunteer say they will be starting in about 10-15 minutes. son of a…I could have stayed in the porta potty line

8:35am- I hear talking but can barely make it out. Next thing I know I hear “GO!” and we start moving. I switch my iPod over to my “race day” playlist and start my walk until the huge rush thins out and I can feel comfortable jogging. I figure those 8 weeks of C25k training has brought me to this point. Let’s do this!
Once I get the ‘courage’ to start jogging I give it a go. oh no, something doesn’t feel right. the running surface was an uneven gravel trail along the bay. So not used to that. Every time my foot came down I felt like I was lopsided and unbalanced. My worry and panic was getting to me and I lost concentration and became ‘winded’ way too quickly. I then at that point decided that this will be a walk/jog since I can’t run the whole thing. This was ok with me since I told myself from the beginning that this is not about time. This is about showing up to do something, getting out and moving. All about the experience.


At some point I come across this first mile marker. I planned on taking pictures at all of the mile markers…but pulling my iPod out of the case, taking the picture and then putting it back in and plugging in the headphones was too much of a hassle.

During the event I was between a married couple who walked/jogged and an elderly (yet still in great shape) woman who power walked. It seemed every time after I passed the couple and began to walk they passed me up. This went on for a while until the last mile or so. Every time I stopped jogging the elderly woman was quick to catch up to me. I used her as a timing tool at one point.
I would only walk until she caught up with me which was enough time for me to catch my breath and keep going.
Halfway through the event, the urge to use the restroom started coming back. I though geat, this might push me to go faster and finish so I can use the restroom. Nope. Do you know how hard it is to keep pace and walk in a straight line when you are doing the “I have to pee” wiggle…ladies, you know what I mean.

Well, I finally see the finish line and make it up in my mind that I am not walking the finish line…so I start to jog. I glance up at the clock and try to read it…but I quickly realize I don’t really know what I am looking at and just cross the finish line. I check my phone running the Nike+ app and it clocks me at 47:00 and now a day later after checking the official scores I came in at 48:59. While it wasn’t my best time, it still beat my goal of under an hour. So I was still happy.

Cellphone picture courtesy of my mom.

I met up with my parents and we took a couple of pictures like most proud parents would.



I picked up my goodie bag, returned my timing chip and safety pins and made the ” lets go home” motion. However, Nurse mom made me go and get an orange slice first and then we made the 1/2 a mile walk back to our cars… So I added an extra 2 miles to the whole thing. On the way back I was hit by the restroom urge and made my way to the porta potty. …man, I am usually able to deal with a lot of ‘disgusting’ things but this was not one of them. Someone (man or woman) had horrible aim and the seat was wet with no butt guards in sight. I figure I would wipe it with toilet paper and then make a makeshift butt guard. Nope. Because while I was wiping, the seat comes off its hinges. I sigh and get more paper to move it back…because I really had to go… crap…no…really, crap. Right in the groove of where I would have to hold on to move the seat back was a watery clump of crap.

Yeah, I left the seat where it was and did the wiggle walk for that 1/2 mile trip back.

I waited until I was home to empty my goodie bag.



Noteworthy items are the energy efficient light bulb, the pen, and the $500 gift card for sunglasses or watches. Now don’t get excited…there is a catch with that card ( something about i have to pay 9% surcharge, shipping, handling, and processing separate from the gift card)so I don’t know if I will use it. Didn’t see much I liked on the site anyway. Plus, I don’t wear contacts so regular sunglasses would be useless.

Overall I had a great time and am excited and happy that I was able to accomplish this. The only downfall is the smell. If you have every been in some parts of the SF bay area, you know what i am talking about. It is a mix of very strong water, wildlife, salt, and sewage funk. I have even begun to plan out two more events I want to participate in. One is at the end of this month ( after the title 9k event) and the other is on my birthday.

One last thing, mom thinks I need to work on my color coordination…what do you think?



2 responses to “One for the books

  1. Congrats on your first 5k! It’s a great feeling finishing your first race, even with all the crap, literally, you have to put up with sometimes.

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