Pre and post workout routine

Last August I tried to participate in the fitness blogger challenge the fitness cheerleader had going on.

That didn’t go so well. I think I made it about two weeks…maybe less…and then stopped due to life keeping me from remembering to update with the suggested topics.

So I am going to try it again. Now that my performance schedule has calmed down a bit and I am spending more time at home as well as training harder which will result in more time spent posting.

If you want to give it a go yourself click here
Day 1: pre and post workout routine.
6:45-7am Do my usual wake up routine which includes checking email, Facebook, twitter, 2-3 top stories, Facebook again and a little morning inspiration through pictures or talking myself to get out of bed and get my butt moving

7:15am I finally get out of bed and search for my clothes and throw them on. Give myself a quick glance in the mirror, shrug and say good enough and then head downstairs to fight with my compression socks about 75% of the time and lace up my shoes.

7:25am Since I go out for my runs first thing in the morning, I am on an empty stomach. Well, this does not please the resident nurse (mother) in the house so she requests I at least eat a tablespoon of peanut butter before I leave. Now, as I have mentioned before I HATE PEANUT BUTTER!! it is gross, goopy and dry mouth inducing. So I only take in about 1/2 a teaspoon or maybe a full teaspoon if I am in a hurry and just shove the spoon in the jar. I then have to down about half my bottle of water soon after the peanut butter because it has coated my tongue and makes me feel like I am a dog who has been given peanut butter out of some kind of cruel joke.

7:30am Put on my roadID slim band, remove my iPod case and place it in my armband, check for my Nike fuelband, put on my hat and throw my spare glasses into my tote bag with my water and a towel and head off to the car to fight with morning commuters to my route.

7:40am arrive at my starting point. I don’t like to jog where there are a lot of people or a whole lot of traffic. So I settle for where distribution yards where all the truckers pull in early in the morning. While in my car in the parking lot, I switch into my workout glasses (nothing special, just a plastic pair of glasses so the sweat doesn’t react with the metal glasses I normally wear and create a burn like rash on my face.) , take my car key off the key ring and into my pocket, turn on my Nike running app get my playlist together and then put my onein front of my two and get going.

9:00-9:15am arrive back at my car and turn off all electronics. I sit in the car for a couple of minutes to catch my breath, drink some water and towel my face off. When I am ready to go, I will switch back into my other glasses and head home.

9:20am arrive back home and am greeted by my grey cat in the garage and pet/play with her a little bit until she has decided she has had enough. Go into the house where I am greeted by my indoor cat (Tweaker) and my dog (Buddy) who both seem to love me because I am sweaty and stinky. I lay out the yoga mat after shooing them away…usually with food… and do some stretches. If it is scheduled, I will do some strength training exercises before I stretch. Once I have stretched I will place a towel on the recliner and continue to cool down which may result in me passing out depending on how hard I worked out. Then eventually shower and eat a piece of fruit or lunch depending on time.

That is it…nothing fancy whatsoever.

what is your pre/post workout routine?


One response to “Pre and post workout routine

  1. Lately I’ve been keeping my routine short and sweet since I’m back to work. Throw clothes on, bathroom, eat a banana, and go! After a cool down walk and stretch and breakfast. ๐Ÿ™‚

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