Shut up! No Way!

Today is was a great day!

So many awesome things have happened today! Let me list it out.

1. I got my laptop fixed! We discovered the problem was our 2 year old router was not strong enough to support so many wireless devices once the 2 iPads came into the house. I personally have about 5 devices that need wireless a connection and as I was reconnecting them all, plus the other devices in the house, I thought to myself

Remember when the only wireless device you really cared about was your Barbie convertible? What happened to those days?

2. After 4 days I kicked my food poisoned stomach to the curb. It felt amazing to be able to eat real food again! The last 4 days I was on nothing but chicken broth (with a little miso soup mix), tea, water and sugar free Jell-o. Horrible doesn’t even come close. I was starving every day and couldn’t do anything about it. Any time I tried something other than a liquid my stomach would revolt and I would end up sleeping the night away in a computer chair wrapped in two blankets with a couch cushion bent over onto the computer desk. That was the only position that allowed me to sleep comfortably for a night and a half. -_-  Of course my back would be sore within a few hours and ache in the morning but it was the only way I could sleep.

3. I finally accomplished a crochet earflap hat after many many failed attempts (I know, not health or fitness related. But it was exciting) Unfortunately no pictures yet. I was trying to turn it into a Stegosaurus and eventually gift it to my significant other’s nephew. But I have to fix a few things and add it. If I make another one, I will be sure to take a picture and post it.

Lets see…what else…


4. I jogged a faster 5k for my first day back on the pavement! I thought today was going to be horrible and I would have the worst pace and overall time. But it turned out to be my best to date, even shaving off 2 minutes from my previous ‘record’. When the recorded Nike+ voice came up and said “3 minutes completed” I thought WTF, No way!  I didn’t think I had been out for that long and when I checked the time it confirmed it. I also downloaded what I consider to be part 2 in the “Couch to ____k” series. I downloaded Couch to 10k and was disappointed that weeks 1-8 were basically the Couch to 5k program I just finished and this new program doesn’t start until week 9 day 1. But I guess they have to make an extra buck somehow. So I started with week 9 day 1 anyway. 

5. After my jog, and before my shower, I decided to take a peak at my weight…

I am back at my high school weight!  

I mean that is not a whole lot, is still considered overweight. But where I have come from it is a great deal!

This means I have now lost 85 pounds since February of this year!

So giddy I am not even going to try to control it! I couldn’t help but do this in the moments leading up to my shower and after. I also slipped it in a couple of times throughout my day.


I need to add my thoughts for the  Fitness Cheerleader’s Blogger Writing Challenge for day 2.

Day 2 Share your thoughts and feelings about Lance Armstrong’s lifetime ban and loss of titles 

Originally I planned on skipping over this and just posting up a different topic. But I thought I might as well be honest about it. I really have not followed cycling as well as followed new, or anything current lately. All I have really heard about on this is from overhearing others talk. I really have been under a rock recently. But, I do feel sorry for him having to lose his titles. I personally feel he did work hard enough regardless to earn his titles and should be able to hold on to them. I admire him for all he has done and accomplished with his life and will continue to support him as an overall athlete.


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