Thoughts from a former Flinstones vitamin abuser…


Ok, maybe not an abuser. But I thought it would work as a title. In fact, just thinking about those vitamins from my childhood seriously makes me sick. I have no idea why I ever enjoyed those chalky, fruity and medicine flavored rocks! Blech!

Today is day 3 of the blogging challenge and the topic is vitamins or supplements we use.
I take vitamins and supplements off and on. I am never consistent for more than a month. But when I do take vitamins and supplements, here is what I take. I would include pictures…but it is midnight and my thighs are still crying from yesterday’s run. So in my best “soup nazi” voice No pictures for you!!

Vitafusion gummy vitamins I think I actually do abuse these. I always have a craving for gummy bears and on those nights where I want something sweet but am trying to practice restraint I reach for these after I force myself to go to bed. They curb my craving for a gummy bear/something sweet and I am doing something “good” for my body. Although I must admit there have been a couple of times I snuck one extra because I wanted all three favors. This isn’t medicine tasting at all and I love it!

Papaya Enzymes since I have changed my eating habits, for the better, I have noticed I am having some rough times with digesting certain foods. Nurse mom reminded me of the same thing with my dad when I was younger and how he constantly ate papaya to help his digestion. She recommended I do the same. However, papaya may taste good and like it was sent from heaven….but I cannot get by the smell of puke and sweaty socks that comes from fresh papaya. So, we found chewable tablets for me to take and I guess so far so good. They don’t really taste like papaya all that much…in fact on three occasions now, it tasted like an old piece of candy you would find at the bottom of an old woman’s purse. I currently take 3-5 tablets even though they recommend 9 a day. Maybe I will increase my dosage soon..l don’t really know.

Biotin I am constantly searching for something to get my hair to grow faster…especially after I cut it back in February. However I noticed the changes it made in my skin and nails more than my hair. My skin became a little more vibrant and my nails grew like crazy (just too bad as a clarinet player I prefer short nails). But, I took it for too long once and broke out pretty bad in my opinion. I then decided to take it for a set amount of weeks and then take a break and then start again. I don’t usually have acne and when I get more than 3 on my face at one time I consider it a break out. I read you can combat that with water so I will have to try that.

Omega-3 I try to get this in every once in a while. Either in the form of a fish oil pill or through flax seed. (like in my homemade oat and flax seed granola I am going to post soon once I take pictures of the process. Pictured here with some yummy noosa honey yoghurt which I will link once I have it posted.)

I do have some others in the house but I do not take them at the moment so that is about it folks. Other than a couple of daily medications, I don’t like to take a whole lot of pills.

What vitamins or supplements do you take? Which is your favorite?


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