Training ‘schedule’

I could sit here and lie to you, dear reader, and tell you that I am so organized and on top of my life. I could type what will happen every day down to the second in my training schedule knowing full well that I am full of it.

Well, I cannot tell a lie.

I in no way have a concrete training schedule. For the most part I just wake up and ask myself what I feel like doing. But the slightly OCD bone in my body does write out a schedule every Sunday afternoon. I just never follow it. So I end up wasting the 10 minutes I spent on Sunday trying to put this schedule together.

Perhaps for this post I will give you two training schedules. My OCD scheduled week and what really happens

OCD Schedule

Monday: C210k Week __ Day 1 [Bodyrock/Arms/Abs]

Tuesday: 30 min cross training [Yoga]

Wednesday: C210k Week __ Day 2 [Bodyrock/ Arms/Abs]

Thursday: 30 min cross training [Yoga]

Friday: C210k Week___ Day 3 [Bodyrock/Arms/Abs]

Saturday: Rest or 30 min cross training

Sunday: My version of a long run

What REALLY happens

Monday: C210k Week __ Day1 [Arms/Abs]

Tuesday: Rest or Repeat cardio from Monday [Yoga]

Wednesday: Rest or C210k Week__ Day 2

Thursday: C210k Week__ Day 2

Friday: C210k Week___ Day 2 or 3 [Yoga]

Saturday: Who knows

Sunday: Glad I woke up in the first place.

What is your training schedule? How closely do you actually follow it during the week?


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