Man, I feel like a woman.

No, I will not insert the guitar riff that follows that line.

Last night I went to bed excited for the morning deciding I would go for a run after not doing so for the last 3 days. I planned out what would happen up until I had to leave. 7am wake up and go for a run. Come home and shower. Then sit in the chair and either continue working on my crochet work or take a nap before leaving to teach lessons. it was supposed to be a great morning.

Until this happened

Ok well maybe not that exactly. I mean, I didn’t wake up with tiny devil women poking me in the abdomen…but I might as well have!

I didn’t even get wake up to my own alarm clock! The pain was enough to throw me right out of bed. I had a feeling I knew what was going on but since I have had some false starts in the past I got up and went to the restroom to check out the situation. Crap…not what I wanted right now suspicion confirmed.

The last week has been pretty rough for me waking up. I had my round of food poisoning last Wednesday that lasted for four days and kept me awake until about 2:00am and asleep until 11am. Once the food poisoning had gone I still had trouble waking up at 7:00 like I usually do…but I figured it was my body now playing catch up and thought nothing of it. Well, those extra three to four days of sleeping in was actually due to my body preparing for my period. I have had these symptoms since high school… so you would think at 26 I would have realized this and not allow it to come as such a shock!

I thought I may be able to push through the pain and go for my run anyway…nope my mind started complaining like I couldn’t believe! ugh, that means you are going to have to put a pad on…isn’t that bulky? What if it shifts and leaks on your clothes. Do you really want to go out? You would just be dragging anyway. Ugh I feel bloated! The bed is a lot more comfortable and way more enjoyable. the one that convinced me was a doozy you will have to wash your hair ok, let me explain. First, when I am on my period there are random things that I hate doing such as trying on clothes (even from my own closet) sitting for longer than an hour, shopping, exercising, drinking cold things, and washing my hair. Second, you have to understand that I have natural Afro-textured hair. When I constantly wash it not only does it strip my hair, it just takes too dang long. If I am irritable,the last thing I want to do is spend about 2.5 hours washing, detailing, and twisting up my hair…especially if I have something I need to do by 2:00pm!
What I find strange is this is the first time over the last couple of months that I have started running that my period has gotten to me this bad. And thinking back, I can’t even recall if I really even had one. My obgyn switched my bc since I lost so much weight since the last time I saw her. She lowered the dosage and we are going to see if this will still continue to manage my PCOS (yeah, i will write about that at some time soon). So possibly the change in dosage made it come with a vengeance this time around.

I ended up throwing a little tantrum in my bed and fell back to sleep for another three hours! Unfortunately when I awoke the pain was back. So I googled some yoga poses for menstrual cramp relief and came across this link.

But of course in the middle of my stretch I was interrupted by this guy for about 10 minutes until my dad had to tempt him away with some ham.




Such a big baby.

By the time I finished, I felt relieved of a good chunk of the pressure in my abdomen. I stepped outside and was shocked at how cool it still was going into the afternoon here in the valley. I thought if I feel pretty good when I get home from my private lessons I may be able to squeeze in a run around the neighborhood or some elliptical and bodyrock in the garage. Let’s hope I stick to that!

So now I sit typing up this entry, enjoying my super late brunch and happy I already have dinner going in the slow cooker so it will be ready when everyone gets home.


Later tonight I will post for the topic for day 5 of the blog challenge.

But right now, I have to get ready to teach some clarinet lessons and hope the cramps do not come back and I hope I am not irritable.

Ladies: Does your period ever get in the way? If so, what do you do instead? If not, what helps you to push through?
Gents: Did you actually read this post? If so, you are awesome in my book. If not, …well you are still awesome!


3 responses to “Man, I feel like a woman.

  1. Before I started BC a few years ago, I would skip classes because the cramps were so bad, I would just lay in bed and yell. So… I guess I’ll be prepared for labor in the future? TMI?

    • Oh goodness, I skipped classes too *hides face in shame* the pain was not tolerable! Although my BF liked it because he used me as an excuse to skip class too and “take care of me” by buying me Chinese food or sushi (major cravings for sushi) and eating it in my dorm.

      Ugh, labor frightens me! Did you ever see Liscence to Wed? That scene where they pull out the epidural in the delivery room was awful!

      • I think I hid my eyes during that scene. Needles and blood and stuff terrify me. I don’t know how I’ll give birth without fainting.

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