Here an app, there an app, every where an app app…

I missed posting the day 5 topic.
I did post an entry which is what the challenge is about right? Trying to post everyday with or without using the suggested topics. So I am still in it! Yay loopholes!
Just kidding

I don’t have pictures of my favorite place to workout. But I do have pictures of my favorite workout day. I went hiking with my family in Yosemite this summer. I had already been hiking for a few months and doing the whole getting in shape thing. I was able to convince my parents to take some of the more uphill and longer distance trails. I think we were in the park for about 7 hours.







Now, on to day 6 topic of the fitness blog challenge.

Screenshot of my iPod health apps.

There seems to be an app out for just about everything fitness except for an app that does the work for you (can someone hurry up and make that app?). I have apps to track my runs, my calories, my food, strength training, yoga, water intake… Don’t you just love technology?

For everyday activity

I use my Nike fuelband to track my calories, Nike+ fuel, steps and time. So it is pretty much a glorified pedometer that is cooler than strapping something to your belt loop. I then sync this to the related app on my iPod and it loads onto my Nike+ profile.

For my runs


I mostly use the Nike+ running app on my phone along with the couch to 10k app on my iPod.

If I have an app malfunction, I will just log them on map my run when I get a chance.

For food and water

I use the myfitnespal app as well as the main website for tracking what I eat and my exercise and so I know how many calories I may have gained from exercise versus my calorie intake.

I remember when I was in high school and would off and on keep track of my workouts and food intake, I used good old paper and pen. I probably have a handful of notebooks of various sizes that show my off again on again approach to my health and fitness.
I seem to be more consistent with technology though. Maybe because it is always with and around me?

I have linked my Nike+ and myfitnespal profiles under the contact me section of my blog if you would like to add me on any of those.

How do you track your food and exercise? Do you like the convenience of apps or do you like it “old school”


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