Speedy Strength training

So today is day 7 of the  September Blogging Challenge and our topic is our favorite strength training workout.


If you have read previous posts of mine, you will know I am a fan of Bodyrock workouts. When I first began my fitness journey in February, I was only doing these exercises, an occasional spin on the elliptical glider, and watching my diet. This eventually led to my 60 pound weight loss from February to about early July (I then had another 20+ pound weight loss once I started running).

The workouts are only 12 minutes! Who wouldn’t love a 12 minute workout that works every part of your body!


I really don’t know if this is really considered strength training or not. But I consider it to be since I would do one work out for 12 minutes with sweat dripping and feeling fine and wondering if it worked anything, and then wake up the next morning barely able to move my body.


At one point I even got the S.O. to check it out and try it for one of their 30 day challenges. Later my 53 year old father asked me to put together a 10 minute session (really 30 minutes because it was supposed to be done 3 times) for him to try out. Many modifications are available and anybody can do them.

I encourage you to check it out. Check out their page by clicking here and browse around. Try one out and tell me how it went!

Have you tried the Bodyrock workouts before? What do you think?

If you tried it for the first time after reading this, did you like it?

What are you favorite strength training moves?



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