Whose shoes? My shoes…

Welcome to day 8 of the fitness blog challenge. Today’s topic is about our workout shoes.

I have never been a typical shoe loving girl. I don’t enjoy shoe shopping, I can’t stand heels or over,y dressy flats…in fact, I hate shoes. If I could, I would go barefoot all the time. As a kid my mother always yelled at me to put shoes on, especially when I would walk outside and into the street barefoot. I think the reason I do not like shoes or shoe shopping is because finding a decent shoe for me has always been such a hassle.
I currently wear a size 12 women’s shoe.

Which according to this chart, and others I have found, means I should wear a men’s size 10-10.5


No No No WRONG!!

I somehow have freakish feet. Somehow I wear a women’s twelve across the board for tennis shoes and for dress/work shoe and I wear a size 12 in men’s shoes.

What the what?
This was confirmed for my adult self a couple of weeks ago after being fitted for a size 12 men’s New Balance shoe at Fleet Feet.

But even though I have the whole size thing worked out, I can never find the ‘cute’ tennis shoes in the awesome colors and styles (even though I now know it doesn’t matter if they look cute. It matters how it makes your feet feel). So I am stuck with the same old black, grey, silver, blue or green combinations.

Shoes suck

Anywho, on to my workout shoes.


I started out running in the Puma shoes and while they did not have the greatest of support, they did the job. That is until I almost had a face to face meeting with the sidewalk one morning after darn near slipping in mud runoff from some sprinklers at a warehouse. I made a comment to my dad about it and next day he took me to Fleet Feet where I was fitted with my first real pair of running shoes. I now just use these when on the elliptical, walking, or going to the gym.
Ever since the end of August, after my first 5k, I have been running in my >strong>New Balance-880 shoes. I was also fitted with an orthotic insole which is supposed to help the way my feet land. I really don’t know if it does or if it was a sales gimmick…but I really don’t care because my feet feel like they are running on clouds. Seriously! I don’t even feel like I am running, At one point I had to check because it felt like I was walking. It gives me a little extra bounce and by golly I think it improved my time! The only problem I have is with the squeaky insoles. Every time I step I get a squeak that sounds like passing gas. Any remedies?

The Fila I use only when I am working out at home doing the HIIT Bodyrock workouts. I definitely like to do those exercises barefoot. But, when I began adding weights and a 15lb sandbag I figured shoes would be a good idea just in case I dropped something. I may try a jog around the block in them one day but I haven’t decided yet.

And of course that other thing is not a shoe. It is my indoor cat, Tweaker (or Munchkin as I like to call her) who decided that there was too much commotion going on in the stairway and came to investigate. Then I tried to get her to move before she sat down and you can see how well that went.

What shoes do you workout in?


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