So Ronery

Day 9 of the September Blogging Challenge is here!

At the beginning of the week that I wanted to challenge myself with my running throughout the month, as if just the act of running in the first place isn’t enough of a challenge for me. I sat and ran through what would be the best approach to my challenge and how would it fit into my training schedule.

I figure since Sundays are usually reserved for a (as I like to call them) recap run where I pick one of the C210k days I did during the week and see if I can do it any better.

So what did I choose to do?


A hill. Well, as close to a hill as I can get in this pretty flat town.

About 1/2 a mile from my house there is an overpass that takes you towards the farming side of town. This overpass may not look intimidating, but it can still give you a run for your efforts! When I used to bike in the mornings with my father, we rode up this hill and boy were my legs tired and darn near dead!


But this morning I ran the overpass…twice! Once coming and once going. The first time I went over it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, as soon as I reached the top I was amazed at how easy it was and breezed on down to the other side. Now, on the way back over was a different story. I still made it to the top but it was quite hard on my already burning thighs.


In the end I had fun! Throughout the remainder of my run I decided for the month of September I would challenge myself every Sunday and call it my “Personal best/Inner Greatness day”. So for this month I will be running this hill every Sunday morning unless I have a race scheduled. If so, I will run it on Wednesdays…but it will be done once a week.

Who knows, if I enjoy the challenge this month I will find something else for me to do as a challenge next month!

How do you challenge yourself? Do you set a daily/weekly/monthly challenge?

Oh, and before I go into the Day 9 topic…

I tried out the Sweatyband I bought a couple of weeks ago from Fleet Feet. Man, oh man, oh man does it really absorb the sweat. Midway through I began to wonder why sweat was not pouring down my face as it usually was. But thought that maybe I just wasn’t working as hard as I thought. When I came home, forgetting the band was there, I went to rub my hand over my head and felt a cold and soaking wet headband.

I am impressed…

…since I sweat buckets.

But there is no way I can justify $18 for a piece of ribbon, velvet, and elastic. Especially since I am a crafty-capable woman! I found this awesome post and on another mission to make some for my stash and for the Title 9k race with my mother this coming Sunday.

Now on to today’s topic!

Today we are to discuss if we workout alone or with others. If you couldn’t tell from the title…I fly solo. Oh, and if you want a refresher of the Team America song, here is a link. I will not post the video directly due to the language in the beginning.

Since I am the only one in the house (currently) who runs, I go out on my own. Actually, I go out on my own about 95% of the time. I would say the other 5% of the time I am with the boy and we are either walking or lightly walk/jogging together.

I kind of like being alone. I get to set my own pace, I get to run my own route. I don’t have to worry about someone else possibly being tired or complaining. There are some times thought that I wish I had company to talk to, or to keep me going. But I figure if I register for and run races alone I may as well get used to being alone with my own thoughts right?






Oh, since we are talking about working out solo or not. I finally convinced the boy to register for a race with me! He has also been following his own C25k program and will be running his first 5k with me. So I guess I won’t be solo then!

We will be running this Neon Night Run out here in my own backyard! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Who wouldn’t love running with those glow necklace we have all gotten as kids at either Disneyland/world or other theme parks or county fairs? You know, the ones you stick in the freezer so that they last longer!


Just me I guess…

Do you workout alone or with a partner?


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