Can I predict the future?

I don’t know but I am surely going to try for this week!

Maybe if I post what my proposed training schedule and week is supposed to be, I will avoid all of the surprises that I usually encounter.

Sunday 9-9-12 Attempted my first hill for my personal September challenge 


Monday 9-10-12 Was supposed to tackle C210k of 5WU10R-1W-10R-2W-10R-3W-10R-4W-10R-5CD (my iPod is not around me so I cannot give you the exact week). But I was unfortunately awoken at 3am with another stomach problem that lasted well into 12pm. I ended up making lunch a meal of chicken broth and water/hot tea just so I could get some nutrients in me. My stomach eventually strengthened a little…but not by much.


Tuesday 9-11-12 A lunchtime date with the boy in downtown Livermore. He has chosen a Greek restaurant and I have my eye on a grilled chicken pita  and a tall glass of ice water with lemon. Then off to a movie where I Will refrain from getting a jumbo popcorn and/or a king size box of junior mints. Bottled water for me! Hopefully return home early enough and wait for it to cool down outside and make up for the lost run on Monday.


Wednesday 9-12-12 Looks like it is a new day but same running challenge of Monday’s missed run. Add a hill since I have a race this Sunday and hope it doesn’t tire me out for my private lessons from 3pm-6pm.


Thursday 9-13-12 Rest up, Buttercup! Really excited for packet pickup! Plan to make a trip up to Walnut Creek to the Title nine store and pick up my race packet and my mother’s race packet. Stop by Whole Foods and drool down the aisles as I wish I didn’t live in a somewhat farming town. When I come back, I plan to make Pad Thai spaghetti squash for dinner. Yes, it sounds strange. No, I don’t have a total plan for it yet. Yes, I know I probably should have a plan for it. Yes, I will totally post it whether it is a hot mess or a super awesome meal.

Also finish, or get started…depending on my procrastination for the week, on our headbands for Sunday.


Friday9-13-12 Super light yet effective jog to keep myself motivated and pumped!


Saturday 9-15-12 Rest up, you fool! Race tomorrow! Light meals so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with another 4 hour stomach issue.


Sunday 9-16-12 Wake up super early and drive to Fremont to participate in the Title9k race with my mom. Come home (or stop off at my grandparents house). Pass out. Eventually recap the race either Sunday night or Monday.


We shall see how well this actually holds up! Now, off to bed for me. I have a lunch date tomorrow!


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