Shall we catch up?

Yes, I think we shall!

I have not blogged or participated in the last two posts for the  Blogging Challenge! So it is time to catch up.

Day 11 Describe your dream fitness vacation

Yeah, I used this picture already. But I like it!

Hm, hard to say. Usually when I think of vacation I imagine a relaxing environment where I am having fun and the last thing on my mind is working out.

But that was the old me.

The new me would probably enjoy a morning workout before I start my day. Make the time I spend on vacation even more enjoyable and worth it. Especially if I decide to eat a whole pizza or cheesecake salad on my own.

As far as a vacation dedicated to fitness, I am not sure what I would want to do. The only thing that comes close would be one of the Disney running events…preferably at Disney World since I have been to Disneyland many many many times in my life. I honestly never knew something like that even existed! Guess I will have to look into those things!

Day 12 How often do you weigh yourself?

Would love if the scale told me what I should eat! -_-

For the first 7 months of my health journey, I weighed myself just about every day.

I did it so frequently because it was a way of reassuring myself that what I was doing was actually working and encouraged me to make better choices during my day.

Now, about once or twice a week.


Day 13 What is your proudest health or fitness related accomplishment? Yay! Caught up!!

Every Single Day!

Every day that I am able to get up and actually get myself moving is a great accomplishment for me…especially given my history.

Every day I decide to make healthy food choices is an accomplishment.

Every time I say no to soda and yes to a 2.5 liter bottle of water.

Every moment I am tempted to pull into McDonalds or In-n-Out when I am just slightly hungry, or when I am coming home late in the evening, and I say No, you haven’t had fast food since February…why start now?

Every time I see my mother, father, significant other, or friends make great choices and tell me I inspired them to make a change.

Every time I am asked what I am doing because they want to do it.

Every time I am told I am doing great and looking good.

Every run I finish standing and smiling.

Every. Single. Day.


Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to drink some tea and watch nick@nite until I fall asleep.



What is your proudest health or fitness accomplishment?


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