5 Favorite Vegetables

So for today’s challenge we are to share our top 5 favorite vegetables. So here it goes!

1. Asparagus

Favorite way to eat it: After removing rough ends, drizzle olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Toss to coat. Lay on lined baking sheet and bake/roast for 15 minutes at about 450 for crispier ends. For tender asparagus, remove earlier.

2. Broccoli

Favorite way to eat it: Steamed or roasted in the same way as the asparagus but add parm. cheese and lemon juice.

3. Sugar Snap Peas

Favorite way to eat it: Fresh, cold, and whole!

4. Edamame

Favorite way to eat it: Exactly as pictured. Warmed and with salt.

5. Peas and carrots

Favorite way to eat it: Warm, a little bit of salt and “butter”.

As a kid, this is the only vegetable I liked with dinner. “Hey Jacquie, what do you want  with your chicken nuggets?” Peas and cawwots!  “Hey Jacquie, mac and cheese or peas and carrots?” Peas and cawwots! “What do you want for lunch?” Peas and cawwots! Yes I said cawwots and I am not ashamed! ^_^


6. Artichoke

Favorite way to eat it: Steamed or Roasted. I usually dip with melted salted butter. But if I want to enjoy I did in a mayo and garlic mixture. Or if I want to indulge but not feel the guilt. I mix some greek yogurt, garlic, oil and other spices into a dip. Mmmmm.

*sigh* but I do miss stuffed artichokes. And oh goodness, I super indulge one time a year at the renaissance fair where one of the vendors does deep dried artichoke hearts with feta cheese.


The renaissance fair needs to come more often.

Or that vendor needs to be my neighbor.

What are your favorite vegetables?
What is your favorite way to eat them?


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