Another quickie to hold you over

Bad RwC Bad!!!
It has almost been a week since my last blog post. Wanna know why?

I am tired
And busy!!!

Not trying to use that as an excuse….but it is the truth. Let me explain.

On Sunday I decided to jump from running my first 5k to going right into a 9k with hills. Dumb move. While I had a blast and loved it…it was still a dumb move for me. So since that race I have been recovering. I was finally able to walk normally and without pain on Wednesday. I sporadically went on runs but would poop out faster than I wanted to. But I made sure to still finish my time and at least get the full amount.

Ok, so I explained the tired…what about the busy?

Well, long story short.
I was offered a teaching position!
I got the call one of the mornings I was debating on getting up for a run. Well my bed won that debate and next thing I knew I was getting a call from the school district’s HR offering me a position. All I remember was seeing the name on the caller ID and expecting the worst. But when she said she was from HR, my heart started to race, my face went flush, I felt nervous and speechless…oh and I began to tear up but held it together while talking on the phone. And of course I said yes. Hmmm, I wonder if this is similar to what being proposed to feels like.
So, I have been busy trying to get paperwork together, getting all the necessary medical check ups and trying to get my life in order for my start date (which has not been discussed yet). This means I need to do some clothes shopping earlier than I anticipated. I originally planned to shop for a new wardrobe sometime in February as I estimated that would be when I reach my goal give or take 10lbs.

So I have been busy and tired! I think things may calm down a little this Sunday with a mother daughter shopping trip.

For now, this is all you get for a post! I barely had a moment to eat lunch and I squeezed this in.
But hopefully tonight, after I come home from a dinner out with the family, I will post the September blog challenge posts I have missed. Then a Title 9k race recap. Then will get my act together and post my granola recipe and my Pad Thai spaghetti squash recipe/review.

Ok, back to running around trying to sort things out before my meeting at the district office…whenever that is to be.


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