Coffee Shmoffee

Day 21 Are you a coffee drinker?




I don’t have anything against coffee drinkers and I do not think coffee is evil. I just can’t touch the stuff. I used to love coffee at a young age. My mother would fix her cup of coffee to near perfection and I would always sneak a sip when I was little and wished I could have a cup of my own. I finally became old enough to have my own cup of coffee and I was a happy camper. I remember one time in high school I went to a coffee shop to watch my band director and private instructor gig for the night. I ordered a white chocolate mocha and noticed that it actually made me tired instead of alert. Strange I thought, but didn’t give it a second thought after that. But it kept happening.

Then the doozy came one day my senior year when I had ordered a white chocolate mocha on my way to class and as I sat in my first period class my stomach dropped and gurggled with pain. I told nurse mom and she thought it could be the milk and slight lactose intolerance.

So I decided to go to straight black coffee with sugar and non lactose creamer (if any).

Yeah, no.

Same thing happened and I was miserable. I stopped drinking coffee for a couple of years and stuck with tea. Then I started dating the boy and at the time he was a coffee addict. Every day we seemed to be making a starbucks stop…sometimes even twice a day. I tried coffee and it didn’t do anything so I stuck with it for a while. I ordered white chocolate mochas, blended caramel drinks. You name it, I ordered it. Then out of the blue one day it happened again. I got extremely hot, my stomach made noise and I was running to the restroom and doubling over with pain. So I stopped the coffee again and stuck with green or black tea.

Well about 2 years ago I decided, stupidly, to give it another shot. I was just starting my credential program and we were sitting in a 4-5 hour long seminar at 7 in the morning. Since I was a commuter, I had to travel about 35 miles to class in horrible traffic meaning I was waking up at around 5 to rush out the door in time. I was barely able to keep my head up. It was one of those seminars that although they tried to make it interesting it so was not. I would have just left. But credential courses are basically treated like grad school courses. So if I were to leave and go home that would not go over so well. I snuck out ever so quietly with the door creaking and them slamming behind me and went to the student union to grab a plain cup of coffee. I brought it back to the seminar and tried to sneak in again…unsuccessfully might I add… and sat with my coffee. I slowly sipped it and immediately I began to get hot. I was covered with sweat and felt paranoid the whole time. My friend at the table noticed and asked if I was ok. Next came the gurgling pain and I knew it was over for me. I was able to make it to the lunch break and I bolted to the furthest bathroom so nobody would know where I went or came from.

I vowed after that I would not touch coffee again.

Do you drink coffee? If not, what do you drink instead?


One response to “Coffee Shmoffee

  1. I have issues with coffee too! I drank way too much of it sophomore year of college and then my heart would start racing and I’d get really fidgety. I stick with tea now.

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