In case of emergency

Day 22 What would you put in your fitness survival kit?


What would I put into a fitness survival kit? Never thought about fitness as needing a survival kid. So this will either be a very light survival kit, or heavy as a boulder.

1. Super absorbent towel (one big and one small) I am sweater. That is all

2. Electronics (iPod, some way of charging, headphones) I can’t get lost in my own thoughts and just work out. If I am left alone with my thoughts they will form a brick wall and I will run right into it and stop.

3. Pain relief like tylenol- Self explanitory

4. Sunglasses- Self explanitory

5. Comfy socks and shoes- Don’t think I need to even think about explaining this one.

6. Water

7. Healthy- To refuel

8. Hat- To catch sweat

9. Cash- never know

10. Magazines or books- I could get stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike this fall. May as well bring along some good reading.

11. Yoga mat- I am not a fan of floors I am not familiar with. So this is a must.

Hm, only 10 things. I guess it is just about the same amount of stuff I already put in my gym bag… minus the yoga mat. Nothing special.


What would you put in your fitness survival kit?


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