Fool me once…

Oh if only I actually payed attention to that saying.

This week the September blogging challenge asks if we have ever fallen for a fitness gimmick.


Guilty as charged!

There have been so many to come through this house since I was a child that I can barely remember any of them. But I do remember one because as a child I played with it a lot…but not for exercise.

BEHOLD the ancient contraption:

The Ab Roller!!!

Well, it may not be that ancient. But I think it is pretty darn old.

I know personally I have fallen for a lot of food based fitness gimmicks. Drink a shake a day and lose weight, eat only bananas or cabbage soup. Mix a concoction of lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper and chug it all day.

You name it, I have probably tried it at some point.

I was a desperate teenager trying to shed the weight and fit in with her peers. But they never worked…and even though they never worked I still tried new ones and even returned to the failed ones.

Thankfully I now know what is best for me and how to stay away from the ‘quick fix’ fitness plan.

Have you ever fallen for a fitness gimmick? 

How many have you had in your lifetime?


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