Hello again!

This makes 3 posts in one day. Wow!

Ok, so today is the due date for the Foodie Pen Pal for September.

I was matched up with Susan from Eat Wilmington and she sent me the following items.

Cookies first!

These were the first thing I opened from the package and they are absolutely delicious! I love coconut and adding chocolate just makes the coconut even better since I love chocolate too! My parents came home later that evening and I had to keep them from eating the rest of my cookies. -_-

I tried this the next day. It is just the right size for the sweet tooth you get late at night. Caramel + Marshmallow=good!

I love that I can order them, and other goodies, online if I want to indulge again. I will also be looking into those for holiday gifts too. Quite tasty.

This spice smelled amazing. I have yet to try it! But, I think I may plan to try it this week when I plan out my meals. When I do use it, I will definitely let you know how it tasted!

I also have not had a chance to try this pumpkin soup either. It has not been very cold where I live to have a whole lot of soup. I also think I want to save this for one of those really cold days where you want soup.

Also, I have never had pumpkin soup. So I am a little nervous and excited to try it. We don’t consume a lot of pumpkin in my house so this will be something new for all of us.

Like maybe the middle or end of October. Again, when I try it I will fill you all in on how it was.

So, thank you again Susan for a great box!

Who did I send to?

Well, I sent a box over to Heather at (G)O’Donnell. If she posts the box I will link it back here. 

Interested in becoming a foodie pen pal for the month of October?

Click Here!


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