So much to cover. Warning: Long read ahead!



Things have been pretty nuts for me since my last post. I went to teach lessons Wednesday night and as soon as I walked in the door I crashed on my bed. Fully dressed. Then when I woke the next morning, Thursday, I went on my 4.5 mile run and then came back home to run with my dad (C25k day 1) I think we both crashed on the couch/recliner when we came home. But I was so proud of him (more on that later).  Went out shopping for a new work wardrobe the rest of the day and then came home and slept until dinner, and then went to bed. Friday was not a good day…well at least it didn’t end up being a good day. Somewhere around 7:00pm I became sick. I have experienced this sickness before it used to just happen once every or every other month. But now it is happening once or twice a week…it feels like heartburn, abdominal pain, overheating/sweating, indigestion, chest and back pain all in one. Sometimes it even makes me feel like I am having a heart attack…not that I have had one before or can really compare the sensations…but when you are having this pain it might as well be! And it was only from a Turkey Sandwich!?!?!  It has gotten to the point where I am fed up with it, and concerned at the same time! I am calling my doctor first thing Monday and scheduling a checkup. This sickness happens after certain foods and has only started since I have dropped the weight. I never got sick from these foods when I was heavier. So what gives? Hopefully we can figure it out. But that illness had me bent over the sink and unable to make it to my bed all night. I spent the night on the couch on my left side…the only position to give me some relief.

Then I woke up the next morning (Saturday) to go the Northern California Renaissance Fair in Hollister, CA with the boy.

I knew I would not be able to eat the wonderful food there and opted to make my own lunch. I made and packed sandwiches, pretzel sticks, grapes, apples, and water. This held us pretty well…but I still missed the fried artichoke hearts they sell. Yes, fried artichoke hearts. One of the vendors covers artichokes with goat cheese, fries it, and serves it with butter or hollandaise sauce. Mmmmm. But my stomach was still pretty weak and the heat was telling me I did not want to have this greasy heavy ball of fat in my stomach while I still had to walk around and also drive 2+hours home. The boy wanted a piroshki to split and I gave in. He was nice enough to get one without cheese since I was still a little queasy. However, I took one bite and told him I couldn’t do it. I feel and hear the grease in the dough and knew it would not sit well if I ate more. He didn’t mind and ate the rest. Our trip around the fair was cut short due to all of the bees. There were bees everywhere! I noticed they were concentrated around the turkey leg booth and followed all of the patrons eating turkey legs. At one point I tried watching a show and a man with a turkey leg stood beside us. I saw four bees just hanging out in front of him.


No thank you. I am afraid of bees and the boy is allergic to bees.

Now we are at Sunday. Where I am sitting in front of my laptop exhausted and trying to catch this blog up in the blog challenge and get out some posts I wanted to talk about.

So this post will be a long one while I catch up on the challenge . Then split up my foodie pen pal post into another entry and then some others after.

Fitness Blog challenge catch up!

Day 26 What is one area of your fitness that you’d like to improve upon?

I would like to be able to run farther and faster. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy where I am right now because I started from nothing. I would like to be able to get a 5k within 32-39 minutes. I am currently at 45-47 minutes. I know if I didn’t have my set backs and lazy days I may be a little closer than I am now. But it takes time and I am up for tackling the time it takes to get there.

Flexible I am not.

So I need to improve my flexibility. I can only do some Yoga poses at the moment and I am starting to stretch a little bit more before/after a run and just for the heck of it.

Day 27 Do you use any meal replacements or shakes?

No. I used to when I fell for the “Drink a shake don’t eat” plans like 10 years ago. But not anymore.

Day 28 Have you ever done a home workout video? If so, which ones are your favourite?

I used to have a New York Ballet company, or some other ballet company, workout video but don’t know where that has traveled to in my house. I have used an A.M/P.M. yoga video when I first wanted to get into yoga (which was very short lived), my dad has P90x and I think either Insanity or Darren’s Dance Grooves and I have tried them at least once or twice. On Direct Tv there used to be a channel called FIT that showed nothing but workout shows in the morning varying from aerobic step to African dance/Bollywood dance to Yoga. I would do those some mornings when I wanted to get a workout in. But never felt I was doing a whole lot and didn’t really sweat.

I don’t really use those anymore so I can’t say that I have a favorite from those.

However, I have mentioned once and will continue to mention for home workout videos. I love them and they are awesome!

Short, easily adaptable to all levels. Just great!

Day 29 Recipe time! Share your favourite fall recipe!

Click HERE for the recipe

Day 30 Your goals for October

Revamp many more old recipes into healthier versions.

Learn how to make banana bread…then make it healthy.

Run up and down the overpass by my house.

Run farther, longer, stronger, and happier!

Continue to inspire my father, and eventually my mother, to run and exercise.

Be a great teacher.

NOT GET SICK/Figure out why I keep getting sick.

Continue to be healthy, eat healthy, and exercise while working.

Improve at each of my October races.

Incorporate more strength training, weights, and yoga into my weekly routines. I have slacked  this month. -_-

So back to the things I wanted to talk about…

Want to hear some awesome news?

I received the news on Tuesday that I am now a Sweat Pink ambassador.

Sweat Pink Ambassadors live the Fit Approach mission every day: they sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves.

I am excited to be an ambassador for such a great group of people. It is great knowing you can be an inspiration to others every day. Especially to those who are too afraid to get out there.

Ever since I started running around my neighborhood, I have run into people who mention they see me out early in the morning running laps around the neighborhood and they have started walking around more too. Others give me thumbs up and encouraging smiles, an older gentleman jokingly tells me to slow down before I get pulled over, one woman was envious of my dedication to run the mile long loop of the neighborhood 3-5 times every morning.

But the best compliment and feeling was when my dad wanted to go out for his first run and wanted me to go with him.

On his day off, my dad wanted to go out and try the C25k program that got me started. This was a shock because he was adamant about not starting or thinking about starting to run until the beginning of the month! I had just come back in from a 4.5 mile run and when I came home he was ready to go! I asked for a couple of minutes just to refuel and gather my thoughts and I would be up to hitting the road with him again. He got a phone call which gave me a couple extra minutes to stop sweating and cool down… thank goodness!

We set out with the sun coming up a little more and shining just a little harder. But it didn’t stop him.
We began with the 5 minute warm up walk and I explained the sounds he would hear coming through my iPod telling him when to run and when to walk.
*Ding*  Run#1 Look at my dad running and take note of things to tell him when we start walking again “Keep your head up” I had to yell out a couple of times.
*Ding* Walk. I tell my dad that while his shuffling is ok, he may want to raise his feet just a smidge higher. He was about to start a fire with the friction caused on the asphalt. I tell him not to do a twisting motion with his arms and to not forget to breathe.
*Ding* Run#2 He makes the corrections to the best of his ability and already improved.
*Ding* Walk. My dad tells me that felt a little better. I remind him of some small details such as his head and his arms.
*Ding* Run#3 Dad gets a little spring in his step and is going faster.
*Ding* Walk. He tells me his hip hurts a little and the knee brace is keeping his knee from really hurting like it could be. I check his shoes and noticed he put on a pair of shoes with a rolled heel similar to the shape ups. I asked him why he put those on and he said because they are comfortable.
*Ding* Run#4. I watch dad as he is landing with these shoes on.
*Ding* Walk. “Perhaps the shoes are what are hurting your hip?” *confused look from dad* “Well, if the heel is rolled, therefore not really being there, when you come to land (especially if you land on your heels) you are not landing on a stable heel. Maybe you are compensating for that and tensing when you come to strike.” *a look of “oh my god my daughter the musician is schooling the father…the ex athlete” comes over his face*
*Ding* Run#5 Getting faster
*Ding* Walk. He tells me I may be right and he will switch to regular shoes tomorrow. Tomorrow?!?! He wants to do this tomorrow?! Sweet!!
*DingRun #6. Starting to slow down a bit but still pushing through

*Ding*  Walk home. He said it wasn’t as bad as he thought and will be up to doing it again.

Well, we tried again the next day and he did switch his shoes! Day 2 called for a 5 minute warm up walk, 1min run and 1.5 min walk (x 6), 5 minute cool down walk.

After he told me the regular shoes made a difference.

Well, I guess I do know what I am talking about sometimes!

Well, I have about a million other posts I need to put together before I get too tired today. …rather before Once Upon a Time starts. Because I plan on not being reachable or around anything other than my phone for texting emergencies only at that time!


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