Sparse activity ahead

Well hello there!

I am just popping in really quick to let you all know I will not be posting much this week since I started work today (Monday).

I am now a full time teacher for k-8 music Monday-Friday at two different schools.

So this week is filled with me figuring out what I am doing each day and trying to adjust to this new schedule while still trying to stay on the healthy route. Day 1 so far has been pretty successful. No fast food stops, no random eating and I stuck to the lunch I brought to work. Only negative was the missed run. I came home to fix dinner instead and well…total bust. I was sad I missed a run for a gross meal. 😦 But I never would have known unless I tried right?

Like I said, not many posts from me between M-Thurs of this week. I may have a post Friday, if not Saturday. I need to recap the neon night run the boy and I did this past Saturday.

The boy and I before the run.

I also need to post some other things.



I don’t think I had a point at all in this post.

My mind is being pulled in 20 different directions as I try to come up with some lesson plans at the last minute.


Until Friday (I hope)!



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