Happy Halloween!

Is it the end of the month already?

Oh my!

Well, with it being the end of the month it is time for my foodie pen pal reveal!

The Lean Green Bean
My Pen Pal for the month of October was Lynda G. I was her first FPP and was happy to be her first recipient.
So lets get into the goods shall we?
I have to put out a disclaimer first…I have not been able to try any of it because I have been going through a some stomach issues that my Dr. and I are still trying to figure out (which will be discussed in the ‘bad sad of getting healthy’ post I plan on putting together).
Let us just say for right now, he has me taking Prilosec for 3 weeks to see if it helps. If not, the next step is to see if it is a hiatal hernia and if not a referral to a GI specialist. :-\ So pretty much my diet all of October has consisted of boiled/baked chicken, white rice, broth soup, apples or applesauce, toast, and fish. I have also had tea and water to drink.
So until that gets squared away I am not able to add anything new in my diet. 😦 boo me!
But here is what she sent to me!
Buckwheat Honey.
So as I mentioned, I have not tasted this yet. But my father did. Apparently he has had buckwheat honey before and he told me it reminded him of when he used to have it as a child. So I will take that as a good thing.
Artichoke Pesto.
I love artichokes and I love pesto. So I can’t wait until I am given the OK to eat real food again! For some reason I am imagining a little bit of on top of a plate of spaghetti squash or may as a brushetta of some form.
And my favorite part
“The Great Pumpkin is Coming”
I LOVE this cup! In fact, I am watching the great pumpkin right now while I type.
I was sent this awesome mug with Linus saying “The Great Pumpkin is Coming”
Awesomeness in the pal of my hand!
I like Linus so this cup made me super smile!
Also, inside the cup is a bag of local coffee.
I sent a box over to Chris and Amy at A Couple in the Kitchen click that link to take you directly the post about their FPP box!
If you think you want to join. Do it! It is a lot of fun and gives you a chance to meet other people!
More posts to come soon! Keep checking back!


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