What is a journey through life if you don’t have goals? Something you want to work towards, something to better yourself to be the person you ultimately want to be?

Here are my goals.


Enjoyable employment

Financial Stability

Read at least 5 books by the end of 2012

See at least one movie in the theatre every month

See a live play/musical at least 4 times in a year (not including the ones I play in)

Cook and bake more often

Revamp old unhealthy favorites into healthier versions

Stick to a budget

Stay positive for at least 95% of my day

-Health and Fitness-

Lose 75 Pounds 8-1-12

Lose 100 Pounds 11-11-12

Lose 150 Pounds

Be “out of the clear” from the pre diabetic talk from the Dr. 10-16-12

Avoid the “you need to lose weight” talk from the Dr. 10-16-12

Take better care of myself mentally and physically

Say goodbye to fast food and mean it! 2-1-12

Healthier eating February 2012

Completely cut out overly processed foods

Drink more water – currently drinking about 2 liters a day

Workout at least 5 times a week

Workout for at least 60 minutes worth of effort

Tone up bat wings

Tone up thighs

Tone up chest


Complete my first 5k race 8-26-12

Improve from my first 5k 10-27-12

RUN my first 5k race

Improve from my first 5k RUN

Run longer than 5 minutes straight 7-26-12

Run longer than 10 minutes straight 8-6-12

Run longer than 15 minutes straight 8-11-12

Run longer than 30 minutes straight

Run my first 10k race

Improve from my first 10k race

THINK about a half marathon

Actually DO a half marathon


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